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Pressure vessels

We design and produce the following types of pressure vessels for refrigeration installations and the process industry;

-Refrigerant liquid separators and receivers;
-Oil separators for piston and screw compressors;
-Liquid receivers, economizers and buffer tanks.

Design codes & Certification
Pressure vessels can be designed according to various design codes such as EN13445 and AD Merkblätter for CE-PED pressure vessels, ASME (Including U-STAMP) or according to the design rules of various classification societies such as; DNV-GL, LR, ABS, RMRS, NK, etc.

We have experience in producing in pressure vessels, in various types of steel, low temperature steel but also in stainless steel such as; AISI304, AISI316, SAF2205 and SAF2507.

Liquid separators from MAREFSUP are specifically designed to the conditions that are stated by the client. Compact design is possible by using demister elements inside.We design the equipment with the help of a 3D design software of Solidworks.

The pressure vessels can be assembled with other components such as pumps, heat exchangers, valves and fittings in order to save time and money during the construction of the complete system at site.

Liquid Separators, Intercoolers, Oil drain Tanks, receivers and  economizers;

• Diameters up to 3000 mm, maximum length 17-18 Meters
• Design pressure up to 100 Bar and design temperatures from-50 to + 250 degrees Celsius;
• Horizontal or vertical position
• Internal demisters for perfect separation
• Oil collector with drain facilities
• Suction lines for refrigerant pumps, with vortex breakers
• Stainless steel stand pipe
• In-and external shot blasting in accordance with SA 2,5
• High quality coating of 80, 160 mu.

Nozzles according to various standards.

Oil separators for refrigeration applications.

MAREFSUP delivers custom made oil separators for screw compressors and guarantees an Oil carry over of maximum 5 ppm when operating with ammonia. Oil separators have been delivered for Propylene, Ammonia, CO2, R134a and R404a. Oil separators were delivered not only for the screw compressor units, that were delivered by MAREFSUP, but also to our customers for the packages that were built by themselvees.

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