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Unit Assembly

MAREFSUP offers the possibility to assemble the Heat Exchangers and pressure vessels together with pumps and valves on a base frame. MAREFSUP engineered and built together complete units such as:

- Heat Exchangers with Liquid separators and pumps, including the connecting piping and valves;
- Compressors with heat exchangers and oil separators.
- Heat exchangers together with liquid receivers pumps and valves such as CO2 Cascade condenser units

The design of complete units is always determined in close cooperation with the client. MAREFSUP BV will prepare 3D and schematic drawings of the unit as well as the itemlist of the complete delivery. The engineering file will be submitted for approval and changes are possible until the production starts.

Choosing for unit assembly by Marefsup B.V. gives the following advantages: 
• Technical calculations, selections and design by specialists;
• MAREFSUP will take care of delivery and installation of belonging components;
• Prefabrication and certification of the assembly in the workshop;
• Pressure test and x-ray testing the complete unit;

We have a CE-PED certificate for the design of assemblies.